The Future of Our Teens is our responsibility as a Nation.

Working with teens as a single parent is a challenge, especially when they are all females. We have witness how vulnerable our young women are in this society where male ruler ship is dominant. Intelligence Triumphs was created to empower our young women and teens with education and ability to integrate within society as one with value that can enrich society. We have to create an environment for them to reason with each other, instead of resorting to violence. We are so bless to be able to impact the lives of others. Since the start of Intelligence Triumphs, we have learned how important it is to be appreciated and needed. Social Media has made it possible for us to continue networking with each other. There is need for Intelligence Triumphs in other countries, but because of financial limitation we are not able to do. We allow other organizations that support our humanitarian purpose to come on the show and promote their mission and vision. We also have a Teens Magazine. We believe it takes a community to raise a family. TSO means,
Teaching Social Occupation. The Teaching Program is called Intelligence Triumphs.